Ankit Aggarwal

software engineer | full-stack web developer
interested in research opportunities

Research Interests: AI, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, ML, and Robotics.
Development Interests: Software Engineering, Web, Mobile, and IoT.

Welcome. My name is Ankit Aggarwal, and I solve problems with code and collaboration. I primarily work on creating smarter user experience solutions with the help of computer vision, machine learning, and internet of things. Additionally, I engineer seamless real-time communication using the concepts of computer networking, cloud computing, and web.

I have often been intrigued by the effective and efficient biological engineering of human beings, especially the way brain interprets the surrounding environment with the help of human senses and makes an informed decision. Needless to say how remarkable it is, the goal to replicate such behavior with machines is a difficult challenge and even though we still have a long way to go before the robotic systems can be anything close to its biological equivalents, with the easier availability of data and superior processing, the related research has been reinforced and its applications have begun to penetrate in almost all aspects of our life. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision has been one of most important driving forces in this era of Robotics and Automation. I dream of contributing to the research in this area.

I'm broadly interested in the interdisciplinary areas of Computer Vision and its intersection with Machine Learning and Robotics, AI, and Neural Networks. More specifically, my research interest includes object and action recognition, semantic scene understanding and inference, generating richer descriptions for images, motion analysis and tracking, autonomous navigation, and creating openly available datasets. I'm looking for related research opportunities and would probably begin my higher studies from Fall '17.

Currently I'm working as a software engineer in the CTO Office at Wipro Technologies Ltd. in Bengaluru, India. Previously, I completed my research intern and worked part-time as a software lead at mLabs Research Inc. in New Delhi. I graduated from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (University of Delhi) with the bachelor degree in the interdisciplinary division of Instrumentation & Control Engineering with the elective of Artificial Intelligence.

I support and participate in DIY and open source initiatives. I'm smart and reliable. I usually code in C/C++, Python, JavaScript, Java or PHP on Linux/Windows/Android and regularly follow news on science and technology. Besides programming, I like photography, jogging and music. I'm a movie buff and occasionally I play guitar.

I'm usually available to chat about science, technology, research, and life in general. I try to respond to all communication within one day.

Some things about me: