Social Network of Internet of Things (SNIoT), B.E. Thesis (Project Lead), Jan – May 2015
Advisor: Dr. Prerna Gaur, Professor, NSIT
FaceGrab, Artificial Intelligence (Author), Jan – April 2015
Advisor: Dr. Vijander Singh, Professor, NSIT
PyCNN, Research Intern (Author), May – Aug 2014
Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Gandhi, CEO, mLabs Research Inc.
PiScope, Student, NSIT (Author), July – Aug 2014
Instrumentation Oscilloscope, Student, NSIT (Project Lead), Aug 2013 – June 2014
Advisor: Aditya Kumar, Associate Professor, NSIT
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter in Python, Intro to Data Science, Coursera, April – June 2014
EKF & PID controller, Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots, edX, May – July 2014
Hand-written Digit Recognition, Machine Learning, CourseraNov 2013 – Jan 2014
Image Processing Filters, Computational Photography, Coursera, March – May 2013
Twitter Popularity, Introduction to Computer Science, edX, Feb – April 2013